31 oktober 2012

Are you ready

For tonite. Come on down to Café Barbro and get your week to run faster past you. Help us to kill Wednesday and get a step closer Friday night.

One of our friends birthday is today so you can help him celebrate. To give him a night full of hard´n´heavy rock´n´roll.

We look forward to standing on the front line tonight and wish that you want to scream for us. We have made ​​some changes and this will not be like our last gig.
This is our last scheduled gig around here at the moment, so take the opportunity to come and listen live.
We will work hard and need your help to see if we can get the foundation shaking at Café Barbro.

We hope we'll see you with us tonight at Café Barbro, Norra Skolgatan 10 B, Malmö.

More info about tonight´s show that we share the stage with The Driftwood Sign and Arena MusikBand as arranger: http://www.facebook.com/events/407633752637381/

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