24 oktober 2012

Some of what

We occasionally receive questions about what we stand for. Some of what policy we stand for?

First of all we stand for what life is and what we´re describing is our perception of it. The policies we stand for is genuine honest heavy hard rock.
It's only rock and roll and we like it. Regardless of who and what you are.

It's so damn easy, come and shake the foundation of the Copenhagen Bar with us. Show us who you are and stand firmly with hard'n'heavy fuckin´ rock´n´roll.

A small description of how we may perceive sequences:
The pain is why we always deny who we are, a human disease we can´t release, this is who we are.
After all, it´s the environment that makes us who we are.

Don´t forget to create your own opinion, 27 October at 20:30 at the Copenhagen Bar.

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