27 oktober 2012

Tonight on the frontline

Tonight it's time to take the intimate scene in Copenhagen Bar. We want to meet you at the frontline.
It will be a hell of fun Saturday in Malmö. There´s a lot going on here with some Halloween celebration. Damn fun if many will dress as their favorite monsters. Damn fun if many will come as they are.

As we previously said, we´ll play a newly composed song tonight. We look forward to seeing your receipt for it.

Our setlist for tonight:
Toxic Trace
Evil Mind
Black (Black, Black)
Hello Hey, How Are You?
Save The Words You Need To Hear
Laughing At You
Child In Vain
Dr. Fakker
?? ?? ???, (new song)
Endless Pain

We´re looking forward to seeing you there at Copenhagen Bar at 20:30 tonight.

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