31 december 2012

Happy New Year

We wish you a really great Happy New Year and may your party be great.

See you on the other side, so be ready to shake 2013 really hard.

23 december 2012

Wish you a whipped Christmas

That time of year again. We wish you all a Whipping Christmas with alot of fun and love.
Be there and take care of your Princesses and share your best to the rest.

22 december 2012

Still here

Read that the old indian calendar finished counting yesterday. Well, we´re still here so we guess we start from zero now. Hell yeah, that´s a great feeling.

Keep your eyes open for 2013, we´re going to make it shake really hard.
Hope to see you around and thank you very much for your support.

19 december 2012

Come on and burn with us

Waiting for the final mix of the recordings we´ve done this far. Getting ready for the release of the first single from this.

We have started the shootings of a really raw, hard and dirty video. We´re hoping it´ll blow your minds away.

Stay tuned, as we´ve planned, the first single will be released in January. It will be released only for downloading.

We´ve been working quite hard for a while and taking some time off for Christmas, trying to keep up the strenght. And we will be back with some full blown power exploding like an atomic bomb and leave no shelter left for you.
It´ll inject a flame out of the soul.

Keep your eyes open for,

11 december 2012

Laughing at you child in vain

Have heard through recordings. Looking forward to the finished mix and damn what it´ll explode.

Recorded in the old-fashioned way, hell of a lot of hard work and a lot of soul.
We have worn out our hearts, crushed our northern halves eaten nails and vomited blood.
Just raw, hard and honestly.

Now we have started work to fix the video material.

Subscribe to our youtube channel and DON´T miss a fucking thing, it´ll blow you away.... https://www.youtube.com/WhippingPrincess

None of these songs will appear on this first recording session, we kept these songs hidden for you to be surprised... They will blow this planet an extra round around it´s way.

9 december 2012

Our great stuff

We´ve had sort alot of work done this last week.
Yesterday we spend a really great day in the studio recording a couple of new songs.
They´re really some hard´n´heavy stuff. It´s back to the real raw rock´n´roll feeling as we´re looking for. And to be clear about our stuff, it´s our way of  hard´n´heavy rock´n´roll, how we try to explore what we got in our hearts.

We hope you´re getting ready for the first single of this. There will be a taste of leather and chains.

While you´re waiting, we welcome and hope you like to subscribe to our youtube channel. http://www.youtube.com/WhippingPrincess

2 december 2012

Black box weather

Waking up this Sunday morning. Wonder about the name of this day? There´s no sun and the snow is falling down on us.
Here in south of Sweden we usually don´t get snow this early so it may be possible it´s gonna be a long cold winter.

But on the other hand it´s great weather for us beeing in the Black Box doing our pre- studio work. We´re entering the studio next Saturday for making some really hard´n´heavy noise.
As it feels this going to be really fucking great. We´re having really great cooperation in the band and found each others sound in a perfect way.

Looking forward to show you the work.