23 december 2013

Merry Christmas

Wish you all a wonderful Christmas and may your dreams come true.

21 december 2013

Pictures again! Hell yeah!

Here´s a few pics from our last show before Christmas. We´re getting closer to the holidays but we´re still into hard´n´heavy rock´n´roll.

Don´t forget to check out http://www.blackstreamrecords.com/releases.html for the "Birth Of Rage" single release and look for the albumrelease in 2014.

18 december 2013

Crow fund

We´re trying to raise money for a tour bus and hoping to make it, please check this page if you´re interested. http://www.gofundme.com/5s2sr4

Last show in Stockholm went out really great and we´re happy we made a really violent impression on the capitol of Sweden. It feels so great everytime.
We´re a hard´n´heavy rock´n´roll band and we´re proud of it and so grateful for the support we get from fans like you.

Thank you.

16 december 2013

Vara med och sponsra vår turné buss?

Detta är en grupp där vi i Whipping Princess söker sponsring/ bidrag för att skaffa oss ett tillbörligt fordon för att frakta oss till och från gig. Av respekt till er vill jag inte lägga till er i denna grupp genom att bara lägga till er utan ert medgivande. Är ni intresserade att vara med och stödja oss, begär då att få gå med i grupp och dela gärna sidan. Vill ni vara med för sponsring/ bidrag, läs då beskrivning eller dokument på sidan. Tack!

12 december 2013

Vote for us!

Come on and dance, keep on voting for Whipping Princess, http://www.swedenrock.com/index.cfm?pg=82.
Thank YOU for the dance!

9 december 2013

Mer att önska!

Nu kan ni också önska oss till att spela på Bråvalla Festivalen. Mycket tacksamma för ert stöd. Följ bara länken och bläddra ner till Whipping Princess, http://www.bravallafestival.se/onska/onska-band/.

Visst är det jobbigt med ett namn som ligger så långt ner enligt alfabetisk ordning. Men vi kan tyvärr inte göra så mycket åt det, namnet är så mycket vi och stämmer in på våra personer. Vi är långt ner i alfabetisk ordning, vi är verkligen Whipping Princess!

Ta väl hand om er så ses vi snart!

Saturday night time to shake Stockholm

On Saturday 14 th December we´ll visit Stockholm with a show at Broder Tuck. We´re going to do a rough set with no time for rest.
You´re able to buy tickets at, http://www.mihstore.com/tickets/kopbiljett.php?event=653&band=872.

Vi ser fram emot att komma och skaka om Stockholm, så kom till Broder Tuck och hjälp till. Tillsammans ska vi få ett litet utslag på Richterskalan. Vi hoppas att pålarna ska hålla!!!
Förköp av biljetter, http://www.mihstore.com/tickets/kopbiljett.php?event=653&band=872
Även möjligt att köpa på plats, uppge Whipping Princess i kassan när ni köper i så fall.
Tack för er support, ni är guld värda!

Ses där.

2 december 2013

Last weekend

This last weekend we performed a great show in Lund at Rock´n´Roll Klubben.
It was a great show and the crowd were really super, made us go pretty hard on the floor. There was some smell of blood and sweat.
You gave us a lot of power and we gave you a peek into our new songs from hell.
We want to thank the club for great work and the other 2 bands who made the evening a taste of great heavy situation.

Now we´re getting ready for Stockholm, Broder Tuck on December 14TH. Looking forward to see you there! https://www.facebook.com/events/362556943876968


26 november 2013

Whipping Princess signed with Blackstream records

The pressrelease from Blackstream Record:
Blackstream Records are pleased to officially welcome Whipping Princess to our roster. Bringing their classic punk-metal fury all the way from Malmo, Sweden, these guys are absolutely destroying the scene overseas and we can’t wait to unleash them on North America! Their first single “Birth of Rage” hits stores just before Christmas and their album drops in 2014. Stay tuned for more details!

Big news just before the show we will do in Lund, Sweden, at Rock´n´Roll Klubben on November 30. We´re going in for a knock-out. Hope to see you all there!

20 november 2013

Hello sinners and saints, don´t forget to vote for us to play at Sweden Rock Festival. You´re allowed to vote 2 times everyday. Thank you for YOUR support. Everyone of you are a piece of gold!

19 november 2013

Please, vote for us!

Don´t forget to vote for us to play at Sweden Rock Festival. You´re allowed to vote 2 times everyday. Thank you for YOUR support. Evryone of you is a piece of gold!
Follow this link: http://www.swedenrock.com/index.cfm?pg=82

A little medley

Hi there sinners and saint

Check out our medley from our last show.

12 november 2013

We´re Whipping Princess

Hi there rocker´n´rollers!

There´s a lot going on for the moment. Our album´s ready and we´re waiting to get 500 copies for a start to sell during live shows.
It´s a hell great album with raw scoop, midtempo and ballads. We´re damn pleased with these 11 songs that show a different side of us than previous songs but we still do it with the raw attitude that we are. We will never change who we are!

Shortly we will come with news that´s very gratifying for us with a better chance to come out to you with our circus.
And damn what we yearn to have the opportunity to come out and meet you all rockers and metalheads!
We really hope this will work out fine because we get such a great response from a lot of you and we´re mighty grateful for you´re showing it on many of our pages. So we say THANK YOU.

Don´t forget to be prepared for our album "Birth Of Rage"!


14 oktober 2013

Coming closer to the releasedate

We´ve been up to a lot lately.
Have been recording a new video that we´ll release in mid November.

All our recordings and mixing is done and we´re on our way to get it mastered. It´s going to be a great album and we´re very pleased with the result of it.

Name of the album will be Birth Of Rage, it´s also the first track on the album. Same as the video that will hit you.

The songlist of the album will look like,
Birth Of Rage
Toxic Trace
She´s Your Ho
Hello Hey, How Are You
Every Wag Just For You
Haunted By A Gun
Get It
Stick In Your Wheel
Dr Fakker
Who We Are

Hope to see you around really soon.

26 augusti 2013

More to come

Our album is planned to be released in November. We hope everything will smile our way to make this upcoming album available for you to listen to.
And as it looks it´ll work out fine.

Stay in touch, soon there will be more announcements from us.
Hope to see you out there really soon.


23 augusti 2013

Gig at Stapelbädden, Malmö

För vårt gig på Stapelbädden i Malmö 31/8 2013 finns det 2 val. Hoppas vi ses där.

Biljettköp på två sätt

Nr1. 60:- cash i entrén
Nr2. 50:- via nätköp (bindande belopp)

Så här gör ni: 
Betalar 50:- 
clearing: 8214-9 
konto: 133405295-6

Skriv i meddelandet på er transaktion:

Ert privata Mobilnummer, Bandets namn som ni vill sponsra
0762281760, Whipping Princess

När köp är gjort får ni ett personligt sms ''välkommen till den 31:e augusti 19:00-00:00 Rock - Culture Gas med Arena MusikBand (Stonegriff,Whipping Princess & The Random Riots) 50:- Payed'', det är en del av er biljett som gäst, när ni anländer så ska ni ha mobilen med tillhörande mobilnr då ni bekräftas inträde på så vis.
(sista dagen för att köpa nätbiljett är torsdagen den 29:e augusti kl 12:00)

Lite mer info om kvällen: https://www.facebook.com/events/462735160453371/578578408869045/?notif_t=plan_mall_activity

30 juli 2013

Hey there rockers´n´sinners

We´ve been a little silent for a while. Been working fucking hard with recordings that´s for our upcoming album this fall.
This is our debutalbum after we´ve released the EP "Let You And Me Be One" 2011 and the single "Laughing At You / Child In Vain" last March.

We have put together a bunch of hard´n´heavy´n´soft rock´n´roll songs that´s ready to blow this planet to the other side of universe.
We´re looking forward to see your reaction for the stuff we´ve been bleeding for. And hell yeah, we love the taste of blood, sweat and tears and we don´t put any fucking finger in between.


3 juni 2013

It Rocked

We have now recovered from the gig in Malmö. A Big Thanx To Viking Speaking and Lorensborgs Pub & Pizzeria.
We all had a great time together with Godass who also rocked.

Now we´re having a week off, Simons gone to spread the word at Sweden Rock festival, and we´re chillin. Next week we´re back to rehearsing, cause soon we´ll be back in the studio.

He´re´s some pics from the gig in Malmö.

Rock On!

26 maj 2013

Something special

Soon it´s time for our next show. It´ll go off in Malmö and it´ll kind of special.

This is the first show with our new drummer and the last before we´ll lock up ourselves in the studio for new recordings.
We have planned to release a full length this upcoming fall that will hit you hard´n´heavy. We won´t put our fingers in between, we´re into it to get some taste of blood and won´t stop until it bleed alot.
And we got a whole bunch of tracks ready to sound loud in your ears!!

Think the show will be great and we´ll try a few new tracks. So, if you´re close to Malmö, come and bang your head and raise your hands to rock!

Looking forward to see you soon!

5 maj 2013

New show

We´ll make a show together with Godass in Malmö in May on Friday 31.

A little pause in the work of a full lenght CD that is planned to be released in the fall of 2013.
We got a lot of hellraising tracks that aim to blow our minds off.

Info about the show, https://www.facebook.com/events/376012269183265/?ref=22

Looking forward to see you there with your hands up in the air.

25 april 2013

Some Kodak moments with our new drummer Bezze

Hope all is well with you peeps? We´re doin fine. Had som real great fun this weekend with our new drummer Bezze. So we wanted to share some of the pics from the photosession.

We have also updated and changed the layout on our homepage!
Check it out!    Whipping Princess Homepage

10 april 2013


Hey there rockers´n´rollers, lovers of hard´n´heavy music.

Have to tell you, Jan decided to leave Whipping Princess. A great drummer and a great friend. Life has many turns and we need to make our choices which road we follow.
And sure, we´ll miss Jan and thanks for the times we shared through heaven´n´hell. We wish you all the best in the future and may your dreams come true.
See you, dude.

We proudly present our new drummer in Whipping Princess, Behzad "Bezze" Mahajerzadeh Heidari. You´re very welcome and together we´ll blow this world apart with some hard´n´heavy rock´n´roll.

There´s no way of stopping Whipping Princess, it´s the monster that keep you awake and make you do the shake, the hard´n´heavy way.


4 mars 2013

Now online



Stay hard´n´heavy.

28 februari 2013

Laughing At You

Are you ready? Tomorrow we´ll release the new video "Laughing At You".
It´s gonna rock really hard!
Bang your head to "Child In Vain" meanwhile.

25 februari 2013

Do you smell it?

We´re getting closer for the release date of new the new track and video. Prepare yourself and keep strong nerves.

18 februari 2013

We are. Are you?

Pretty sure it´ll smell some oil and gasoline soon. Getting closer for a new release, 3/3.
Are you with us?

16 februari 2013

Keep your heads up and your eyes open

In the beginning of March, we´ll release a new single on Spotify, iTunes etc. First track will be a fast one and second will be "Child In Vain". We had some fucking problem getting this out before.
Now there will be a new official 2 track single for listen and downloading.
Sure everything will work fine this time. And don´t miss that we´ll give you a video for the new track too.
Take a look and listen to "Child In Vain" meanwhile.

11 februari 2013

Cold as hell having a cold

We´ve been down for a couple of weeks beeing sick. More sick than usual, this time we´ve had some sort of cold.
Not having to much fun for a while we´re back on the track.

We´re getting ready for the release of next track. Are you ready?

As long you can listen and look at Child In Vain.
C´mon everybody. Go for it hard!!!!

5 februari 2013

New review


Nice words from Julia, thanks alot..

2 februari 2013

In due course

Check the video for Child In Vain. The track will be on Spotify, iTunes etc. in due course. You can find it on our bandcamp as long, http://whippingprincess.bandcamp.com/
Thank YOU for your support

29 januari 2013

Last few hours to vote for Whipping Princess

Check out our video and listen to Child In Vain. Join us on youtube and if you like this song, share it , pass it on..... And only a few hours left for voting on http://www.battleofthebandz.net/Vote.html
Thanks for your support. Peace´n´respect

28 januari 2013

Walk this way


Check out our video and listen to Child In Vain. Join us on youtube and if you like 

this song, share it , pass it on..... And only a short while left for voting on 


Thanks for your support. Peace´n´respect

26 januari 2013

Child In Vain

This far Child In Vain is up on bandcamp.

Look and listen.
Thanks for your support.

21 januari 2013


We´re getting closer to the release of the first track this spring.

We´re fucking happy of the results of this and feel it´s a damn good heavy rock song, the way we inteded to go.

17 januari 2013

Thankful beyond words

Visit this site and vote for Whipping Princess. It´s a little work, after you made your vote you´ll receive a mail you have to follow the instructions.
We´ll be very, very grateful for your help. Thank YOU
/ Whipping Princess

15 januari 2013

Latest links

A few new reviews of our upcoming track Child In Vain that´ll be released for downloading on January 25.


Stay safe´n´hard´n´heavy

Vote at http://www.battleofthebandz.net/

Need to see your action, need to feel your action.
It would be nice for us to get through this with you.

We´re grateful for your support and looking forward when time comes when we can come and play for you and get the chance to meet you all.
Where we all can stand tall´n´proud, loud´n´heavy and scream until we tear down the walls.

Take really good care of you / peace´n´respect

13 januari 2013

The new us

The last few days been pretty fucking good. We recieved the master of latest recordings.
And we will release a few tracks during the spring.

The first upcoming track, Child In Vain, will be released to be download on January 25.
At first we recieved some great words from Carsten Klenke at www.rockliveradio.de and www.tonsofrock.de, http://www.tonsofrock.de/2013/mit-child-in-vain-auf-der-uberholspur-whipping-princess/

Yesterday we recieved great words from Dj Heathen at www.infernalrockradio.com and while they played the new track, we were  on the chatroom answering a few quick questions.

Hell yeah, we´re looking forward the release of this track. We love this new track and we go for alot of hell yeah´s.

8 januari 2013

Let´s go hard in 2013

Hey there rockers´n´rollers.

If you want to read a little about Whipping Princess, there´s an interview with Karl in "AFV- Alternative Female Voices Magazine" issue 4 winter 2012. You can find them on facebook, http://www.facebook.com/alt.femalevoiceszine, and find out how to order the magazine.

We´re planning to go even harder this year. We´ll start to release a couple of singles for online sale this spring and we´ll start on January 25:th with "Child In Vain".
It´s a heavy song that´ll bring you down into a black hole and get a taste of an explosion. We will be really happy if you would like to tell us what you think of it.

March with us and go hard through 2013.

6 januari 2013

We´re thankful for your time

Come, check it and we'll be happy if you vote.

Battle is now on...go to www.battleofthebandz.net and vote 

for Whipping Princess.

Hope you´re all feeling great and that you keep our 

rock´n´roll in your heart. 

On January 25:th we´ll release a brand new version 

of us. The song took us to the center of earth and blew us up through 

the universe. 

We´re looking forward to walk this path with YOU.