29 januari 2013

Last few hours to vote for Whipping Princess

Check out our video and listen to Child In Vain. Join us on youtube and if you like this song, share it , pass it on..... And only a few hours left for voting on http://www.battleofthebandz.net/Vote.html
Thanks for your support. Peace´n´respect

28 januari 2013

Walk this way


Check out our video and listen to Child In Vain. Join us on youtube and if you like 

this song, share it , pass it on..... And only a short while left for voting on 


Thanks for your support. Peace´n´respect

26 januari 2013

Child In Vain

This far Child In Vain is up on bandcamp.

Look and listen.
Thanks for your support.

21 januari 2013


We´re getting closer to the release of the first track this spring.

We´re fucking happy of the results of this and feel it´s a damn good heavy rock song, the way we inteded to go.

17 januari 2013

Thankful beyond words

Visit this site and vote for Whipping Princess. It´s a little work, after you made your vote you´ll receive a mail you have to follow the instructions.
We´ll be very, very grateful for your help. Thank YOU
/ Whipping Princess

15 januari 2013

Latest links

A few new reviews of our upcoming track Child In Vain that´ll be released for downloading on January 25.


Stay safe´n´hard´n´heavy

Vote at http://www.battleofthebandz.net/

Need to see your action, need to feel your action.
It would be nice for us to get through this with you.

We´re grateful for your support and looking forward when time comes when we can come and play for you and get the chance to meet you all.
Where we all can stand tall´n´proud, loud´n´heavy and scream until we tear down the walls.

Take really good care of you / peace´n´respect

13 januari 2013

The new us

The last few days been pretty fucking good. We recieved the master of latest recordings.
And we will release a few tracks during the spring.

The first upcoming track, Child In Vain, will be released to be download on January 25.
At first we recieved some great words from Carsten Klenke at www.rockliveradio.de and www.tonsofrock.de, http://www.tonsofrock.de/2013/mit-child-in-vain-auf-der-uberholspur-whipping-princess/

Yesterday we recieved great words from Dj Heathen at www.infernalrockradio.com and while they played the new track, we were  on the chatroom answering a few quick questions.

Hell yeah, we´re looking forward the release of this track. We love this new track and we go for alot of hell yeah´s.

8 januari 2013

Let´s go hard in 2013

Hey there rockers´n´rollers.

If you want to read a little about Whipping Princess, there´s an interview with Karl in "AFV- Alternative Female Voices Magazine" issue 4 winter 2012. You can find them on facebook, http://www.facebook.com/alt.femalevoiceszine, and find out how to order the magazine.

We´re planning to go even harder this year. We´ll start to release a couple of singles for online sale this spring and we´ll start on January 25:th with "Child In Vain".
It´s a heavy song that´ll bring you down into a black hole and get a taste of an explosion. We will be really happy if you would like to tell us what you think of it.

March with us and go hard through 2013.

6 januari 2013

We´re thankful for your time

Come, check it and we'll be happy if you vote.

Battle is now on...go to www.battleofthebandz.net and vote 

for Whipping Princess.

Hope you´re all feeling great and that you keep our 

rock´n´roll in your heart. 

On January 25:th we´ll release a brand new version 

of us. The song took us to the center of earth and blew us up through 

the universe. 

We´re looking forward to walk this path with YOU.