13 januari 2013

The new us

The last few days been pretty fucking good. We recieved the master of latest recordings.
And we will release a few tracks during the spring.

The first upcoming track, Child In Vain, will be released to be download on January 25.
At first we recieved some great words from Carsten Klenke at www.rockliveradio.de and www.tonsofrock.de, http://www.tonsofrock.de/2013/mit-child-in-vain-auf-der-uberholspur-whipping-princess/

Yesterday we recieved great words from Dj Heathen at www.infernalrockradio.com and while they played the new track, we were  on the chatroom answering a few quick questions.

Hell yeah, we´re looking forward the release of this track. We love this new track and we go for alot of hell yeah´s.

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