28 februari 2013

Laughing At You

Are you ready? Tomorrow we´ll release the new video "Laughing At You".
It´s gonna rock really hard!
Bang your head to "Child In Vain" meanwhile.

25 februari 2013

Do you smell it?

We´re getting closer for the release date of new the new track and video. Prepare yourself and keep strong nerves.

18 februari 2013

We are. Are you?

Pretty sure it´ll smell some oil and gasoline soon. Getting closer for a new release, 3/3.
Are you with us?

16 februari 2013

Keep your heads up and your eyes open

In the beginning of March, we´ll release a new single on Spotify, iTunes etc. First track will be a fast one and second will be "Child In Vain". We had some fucking problem getting this out before.
Now there will be a new official 2 track single for listen and downloading.
Sure everything will work fine this time. And don´t miss that we´ll give you a video for the new track too.
Take a look and listen to "Child In Vain" meanwhile.

11 februari 2013

Cold as hell having a cold

We´ve been down for a couple of weeks beeing sick. More sick than usual, this time we´ve had some sort of cold.
Not having to much fun for a while we´re back on the track.

We´re getting ready for the release of next track. Are you ready?

As long you can listen and look at Child In Vain.
C´mon everybody. Go for it hard!!!!

5 februari 2013

New review


Nice words from Julia, thanks alot..

2 februari 2013

In due course

Check the video for Child In Vain. The track will be on Spotify, iTunes etc. in due course. You can find it on our bandcamp as long, http://whippingprincess.bandcamp.com/
Thank YOU for your support