12 november 2013

We´re Whipping Princess

Hi there rocker´n´rollers!

There´s a lot going on for the moment. Our album´s ready and we´re waiting to get 500 copies for a start to sell during live shows.
It´s a hell great album with raw scoop, midtempo and ballads. We´re damn pleased with these 11 songs that show a different side of us than previous songs but we still do it with the raw attitude that we are. We will never change who we are!

Shortly we will come with news that´s very gratifying for us with a better chance to come out to you with our circus.
And damn what we yearn to have the opportunity to come out and meet you all rockers and metalheads!
We really hope this will work out fine because we get such a great response from a lot of you and we´re mighty grateful for you´re showing it on many of our pages. So we say THANK YOU.

Don´t forget to be prepared for our album "Birth Of Rage"!


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