25 januari 2014

Another day in life

We´re a 4 piece hardworking rock´n´roll band, just like so many think when they´re in a band. Everyday searching for shows to make, writing new songs and recording.
We love this though we sacrifice the chance to be sure to put some food between our lips. It´s hard to think to do something else, there´s a beast inside that have to come out in some way.

Yeah we´re signed to a label and we have recorded an album that we´re waiting for release in North America and that feels great, it´s a good market if people like what we do and we get fans that support us. We´re eager to see what will happen and if we can reach through with our beast.

While we´re waiting we´re looking for shows here in Europe where we stand as far. And we still have a few copys left of our Swedish edition of our album "Birth Of Rage" that soon will be released in North America and look a little different.

If you would like to buy our releases online, visit https://itunes.apple.com/se/album/laughing-at-you/id603583718?i=603583890&ign-mpt=uo%3D4
To find is our EP "Let You And Me Be One" (2011) and the single "Laughing At You / Child In Vain" (2013).
You can also get our EP "Let You And Me Be One" as a hard copy and the Swedish edition of our album "Birth Of Rage" and yery cool Tees with our logo if you contact us at whippingprincess@gmail.com.
The single is only available online.
EP 50 Skr + shipping
Album 150 Skr + shipping
T-shirt 150 Skr + shipping

For booking us, send a mail to whippingprincess@gmail.com

This is just another day in life... Looking forward to see you and as long can you see us on https://www.youtube.com/WhippingPrincess


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