28 december 2015

Death of 2015, long live 2016

Hey friends, sinners´n´saints!

We have had a turbulent 2015 with a lot changes, for the better in the end.

One drummer left the band 2 weeks before our first UK tour and luckily we had a friend who could step up and make it possible for us to go through that war. It was a pretty hard thing to hit us in the face and we made a great thing out of it.
When we got home, dirty as hell, we licked our wounds and smoothed our souls from this rock´n´roll journey. We fell down, thrashed into pieces, we picked up the pieces and put our heads into place again and had a great new start.

After we´ve been working as hell to find a new drummer, that were made of the right kind of stuff and wasn´t afraid to follow the line we´re producing in this band. A lot of stuff fell into the right place.

We left the label we were signed to in Canada and signed with German label Metalapolis. Who feels like beeing made of the right hard stuff and believe in what we are made of from the right side of track.

We finally found this one more guitarist to fill up the shoes to make our sound heavier and more solid. And he´s very compatible as a human with the rest of us.

Our family has grown to be very strong and we´re here to get you for real. And we´re looking forward to come to your town to see you all. So scream and shout that you want us in your town.

2015 has given us a bunch of great shows where we met a lot of great people who been attending to shows we´ve done. We´re so grateful that we  met all of you.

Early 2016 our album "Birth Of Rage" will be re- realesed on Metalapolis. And during this fall we´ve been writing a lot of new songs for the album after.

Hope you all have had a great 2015 and are looking forward to 2016 just like we do. All the best wishes for you!

Whipping Princess
The tribe is:
Jenny Jonasson, Karl Hinterleithner, Simon Söderberg, Michael J Strandh, Patrik Svelander

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