21 januari 2016

Tour update

There´s a minor change of venue and city. The Paris show is moved to Arras.
Looking forward to see you there.

14 januari 2016

We need your help!

Even how fun it is and that we love to entertain. It´s hard to get the peices together. We love doing our rock´n´roll stuff and will keep going for a long time.
We have just booked a european tour which cost us alot of money and we´re determined to go through with it. This will cause us a rough time. So we´re grateful for any help you´re able to give and for sure we´ll give some love back, which mean that we at some point can be able to pay a visit in a city near you.
Please, check out our Kickstarter page and see if you´re able to donate:
Click on Kickstarter and support us.


9 januari 2016

Whipping Princess Tour Announcement

Hell Yeah! We´re going on european tour this February. Looking forward to see you there rocking, screaming, shouting and raising your fist in the air.


6 januari 2016

Are You Awake?

Are you ready for some noise?
#France #Germany #Belgium #Netherlands #Metalapolisrecords #WhippingPrincess