1 februari 2016

Getting closer!

Are you ready in Reims and Arras, Dusseldorf, Eernegem and Liege and Amsterdam?
Hope to see you there, it´s going to be a hell of a lot of hard´n´heavy rock´n´roll!

Le Dropkick, Reims (Fra) 22/02/2016
Blue Devils, Arras (Fra) 24/02/2016
The Tube, Dusseldorf (De) 25/02/2016
B52, Eernegem (Be) 26/02/2016
The Cave, Amsterdam (Nl) 27/02/2016
Le Smile, Liege (Be) 28/02/2016

Take care until then so you can be there and bang your head like hell.

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