8 mars 2015


Around a week ago Behzad made a decision to leave Whipping Princess. It was sad news for the rest of WP.
It was kind of shocking though there´s an upcoming UK tour just around the corner. Lets say it was something right out of the blue!
The last show with Behzad is on March 14 in Höganäs, Sweden. If you´re nearby don´t hesitate to come!


LONG LIVE WHIPPING PRINCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Welcome Niclas Andersson! 
Happily for us. We made a call to a great friend and a great drummer that we have had in our sphere that were able to jump in and supersede. At this point there´s no decision if he´ll stay after the tour. At first Niclas will help us make this tour a blast and when we get home again we will have a discussion to see if both parts feel like we´re going for the same mission.

We love this guy and he´s great to have in the band and a great drummer. We have had a couple rehearsals which feels awesome. He´s a really cool looking, awesome rocking skin whipper that have a place in our hearts. He got a long musical history and makes it swing really good with us.
So don´t forget to give Niclas a monstrous welcome!

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