28 november 2012

Are you all getting ready

Hey there,

Wednesday, the middle of the week, if you wish to call it a small Saturday it´s open for a drink or some.

Our work is progressing really well and we´re really looking forward to release the first single of the work.
It´s slated to be released early next year. We wish time will pass really fast. And that you feel the same way as we do, that´ll hit like a hammer on a nail.

Take care and stay hard´n´heavy all the way even you wish to be soft at some point.

26 november 2012

Into the fire

We´re into alot of work making the sound come out right. We´re pretty sure we´ll blow the world into peaces.

Be sure to take place in the front row. As some say, you ain´t seen nothin´ yet.

Stay tuned for another announcement we´ll make when we know a little more, it´ll be a blast, not from the past but fast forward.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

22 november 2012


Welcome and read some Q&A about us made by New Hellfireclub.
Great chance to know a little more why we´re this way we are.


20 november 2012

Secrets can be great for a while

We recieved a really great message earlier today. But this far we keep it to ourselves until we know it´s a deal.

We have had some really great rehearsals these last days, the songs we´ll record this time will be really fucking good. We´ll go fast down this road hard´n´heavy as hell. You might taste the dirt from the deep, deep hole we´re crawling up from.

We´re looking forward to hear you scream until you bleed.
We´re ready for the new thing to start with the pedal to the metal, a race with the devil.

19 november 2012

Money for living

After beeing resting from music this weekend we´ll back for going really hard this week.
It has been alot for a while and we had to close for the weekend. And we had to do some ordinary work too so we could make some money for living and get enough for making our sound come out.

This far our rehearsal´s been going really great and we won´t stop for any fuckin´ reason.

16 november 2012

Looking for you

We´re looking for sponsors so that we´re going to be able to plan a tour and make it come true.
We´re a honest hard´n´heavy rock´n´roll band that want to shake the world for real. Do you want it too?
If you´re or know someone, send a mail to whippingprincess@gmail.com

We want to get out there and meet´n´greet all of you that love it hard´n´heavy. We´re not afraid to get dirty. Are you?

And last but not least on this dark day. Thank YOU, all of you who subscribe to our pages. You´re fucking great.
Keep up the great work sharing our name around. You´re making it and we´re grateful for life.

15 november 2012

Do you feel it?

Hey, do you feel it?
Thursday has come down on us. We wish we had a show this weekend, it´s itching in the body for playing live. That´s the best way to show our way of rock´n´roll and seeing your faces while you raise your hands to rock.

Can´t tell how grateful we´re for your support while we trying to work this out and making something beautiful hard´n´heavy.
It´s a sort of peace of mind when you listen to our music and watching our youtube clips.
A gigant fucking thank YOU. It´s all about the music with taste of attitude.

14 november 2012

Let´s make it hard

Rehearsal getting better and better, the songs getting harder and harder. Are you getting ready for the sound.

We´re counting on that the first single will be released early 2013 and we´re out blow the world an extra round around the sun.
It´ll be loaded as hell.

We´re eager to catch your ears and to hear you scream.

13 november 2012

Fucking great

Rehearsal for upcoming recordings going really great. We feel very optimistic about how the sound will show us.
It´ll be really hard´n´heavy with a interesting taste. Hope you´re looking forward to it as much as we do?

Stay in love with hard´n´heavy rock´n´roll, keep it close to your heart.

12 november 2012

Have you survived?

Not so very much to say today. Just wanted to stay and say hello hey, how are you?

Monday and the week started all over again. Great thing is that we´re getting closer to Friday again.
We have started to work really hard on upcoming recordings that´ll smell really hard. We hope you´re ready to fill your heart with the honesty of hard´n´heavy rock´n´roll and yet dare to be make it smooth.

11 november 2012


Well, we´re having Sunday off so we get strenght for next week. Working as hell, making the best of what we can do.

We´re so eager about our new stuff, it´s gonna be real killers.

And soon we´ll do another announcement about a thing that came up.
Stay tuned and stay hard´n´heavy as hell.

10 november 2012

You´re the greatest

We had the day off to work with things around our music today. Everything became really productive and we believe we go a long way and reach out more to you, all of YOU that are following us. A very big great THANK you for your greatest ever support.
Hope your evening will turn out like a smashing hit.

9 november 2012

We´re eager

We had a really great studio rehearsal yesterday. This we´re going to record really soon will sound very melodic and hard´n´heavy as hell.

Some of you that have seen us "live" have heard the songs and you know our mix of our way of rock´n´roll.
And just to make it something special we have done a few changes that will make them sound so much more.

So for the moment we´re working our asses off to make a really great thing and we´re eager to get to know what you think about our new stuff.

So rockers, stay hard´n´heavy forever.

8 november 2012

Evil Mind

Sometimes there´s times in life that we can really feel that we want to execute someone who we think are doing wrong. One can feel the anger that is about to explode but we will implode instead.
You have to bite the bullet and ride through the storm. It could be a hell of a ride. A violent voice screaming in my head.

This is what our song "Evil Mind" is about. You can find it on our EP "Let You And Me Be One".

Don´t forget to check us out on youtube to find new songs.
Thank YOU!!! for your great support.

7 november 2012


Here´s a few live pics from Café Barbro. Great show with great sound.

We looking forward to next gig and we hope you do too. In the meantime you can start subscribing to our YouTube channel, http://www.youtube.com/whippingprincess.

6 november 2012

A liveshooting

Welcome to watch this "live" recording from Copenhagen Bar in Malmö, 27-10-2012.
We call it our popsong and love the song. We hope you will love and enjoy the sound from us this way too.
It´s in wonderful black and white!

Our friend Nils Lindsvärd recorded this with his handy cam.

We hope you will follow us on youtube too.
Yet we love the hard´n´heavy road even on the smooth street.

5 november 2012

Stay in touch

Now we have started our work for upcoming recordings. We´re grateful that we love this and that we spend our hardearned money on this.

Same time we´re doing our work on our music, we work hard to find a label that fit us and want to help us reach out to you even better.

If there´s a booking/management, record label out there interested to work with us,
you´re welcome to contact us at whippingprincess@gmail.com. Visit our homepage for first impression, http://www.whippingprincess.com.

We want to thank Raven working for our cause in Florida, US. Thank YOU.

And all of you who read our blog, follow us on facebook, twitter and you who talk about and support us, we´re very grateful. So thank you very much.
We´re looking forward to get the chance to come to you and make a hell of show.

All in the love for hard´n´heavy rock´n´roll.

4 november 2012

We´re who we are, and we´re Whipping Princess

We´re very excited for our upcoming recording. We´re very happy with the material we are going to start working with.
Looking forward to hearing what you think about our new material that we are going to show up.
As it stands at the moment we do not have any scheduled gigs before Christmas. We will add a lot of energy to the production with accompanying official video.

We know that we have our own sound to work with and it doesn´t sound like anything else. There are so many good bands around that you do not need to copy and we are grateful for what we do and thrilled for the support we get from you.

We look forward to we can travel around and play in your hometown.

Hard´n´heavy rock´n´roll is the power
and you are the ones that bring it to life.
Thank you so much for your support!

3 november 2012

Send us a mail

We have T-shirts for sale, send us a mail, whippingprincess@gmail.com, and we let you know how to pay and send your address for shipping. The same goes for the EP.
Sizes for T-shirts; S, M, L, XL, normal sizes. Price 22 USD + shipping.
EP "Let You And Me Be One". Price 7 USD + shipping.
T-shirt+ EP. Price 26 USD + shipping.

You´re welcome to send us a mail for any enquires and we do our best to answer.
We´re grateful for your support and hope we´re able to come to your town and we´ll be happy for your help by talking about us and demand us in venues, radio and everywhere you might think of.

2 november 2012

New thing coming

It was a fun October for us with some gigs. We are damn grateful that we got to show ourselves to you and that you came and listened to us live.

We have some recorded live material from our shows, both video and audio as we will demonstrate to you via our YouTube channel. So stay tuned and follow us here when it comes.

Now we're on our studio work, with a lot rehearsals and touches of arrangement for our upcoming recording. So far we have developed a heavier sound but the raw genuine feeling is also in the new material.

There are also some other plans which we will announce later because it is not clear how it will proceed. We hope that everything goes in the right direction, and then it will rock like hell.

Remember to stay true to the heavy hard rock. We look forward to sharing our future with you.

Remember that our EP "Let You And Me Be One" is available on Spotify and you can find liveclips of us on youtube. On youtube there´s a few new songs as well to listen to.

We also have T-shirts for sale, send us a mail, whippingprincess@gmail.com, and we let you know how to pay and send your address for shipping. The same goes for the EP.
Sizes for T-shirts; S, M, L, XL, normal sizes. Price 22 USD + shipping.
EP "Let You And Me Be One". Price 7 USD + shipping.
T-shirt+ EP. Price 26 USD + shipping.

1 november 2012


Thanks for last night at Café Barbro.
A few new faces and some known faces. Great to see and meet you.

We had really fun playing some of the songs we haven´t played for a while and feel that they fit really great.

Thank you to Arena MusikBand for organize and to The Driftwood Sign for a great acoustic gig.

Hi ho let´s go stay hard´n´heavy rock´n´roll.