5 november 2012

Stay in touch

Now we have started our work for upcoming recordings. We´re grateful that we love this and that we spend our hardearned money on this.

Same time we´re doing our work on our music, we work hard to find a label that fit us and want to help us reach out to you even better.

If there´s a booking/management, record label out there interested to work with us,
you´re welcome to contact us at whippingprincess@gmail.com. Visit our homepage for first impression, http://www.whippingprincess.com.

We want to thank Raven working for our cause in Florida, US. Thank YOU.

And all of you who read our blog, follow us on facebook, twitter and you who talk about and support us, we´re very grateful. So thank you very much.
We´re looking forward to get the chance to come to you and make a hell of show.

All in the love for hard´n´heavy rock´n´roll.

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