4 november 2012

We´re who we are, and we´re Whipping Princess

We´re very excited for our upcoming recording. We´re very happy with the material we are going to start working with.
Looking forward to hearing what you think about our new material that we are going to show up.
As it stands at the moment we do not have any scheduled gigs before Christmas. We will add a lot of energy to the production with accompanying official video.

We know that we have our own sound to work with and it doesn´t sound like anything else. There are so many good bands around that you do not need to copy and we are grateful for what we do and thrilled for the support we get from you.

We look forward to we can travel around and play in your hometown.

Hard´n´heavy rock´n´roll is the power
and you are the ones that bring it to life.
Thank you so much for your support!

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