16 oktober 2012

Come on and dance with us

Soon it's time for our gig as a replacement at Mässingshornet in Malmö October 19.
In the short time it has become so that we are going to play three gigs in Malmö. Copenhagen Bar October 27 and Café Barbro October 31.
Mässingshornet and Café Barbro is organized by Arena MusikBand, Copenhagen Bar is arranged by us along with the bar.

Good location for those who are staying in the Malmö area to come and see us "live". We will make changes to the various gigs. None of the gigs will be like the last one, it will be different character on each one.

To our pleasure, we are happy if you´ll come and shake the foundation with us. For your pleasure, we are happy to be able to entertain you between heaven and hell. A little story about life.

Looking forward to seeing you there. Links to events at the bottom of this post.

Whipping Princess @ KGB, Stockholm


Thanks for your support!! Stay hard´n´heavy..

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