18 oktober 2012

Rock the bar

Tomorrow, Friday, October 19, it is time for us to take Mässingshornet. We look forward to the event, which offers singer / songwriter by Sabina Chantouria, rock / funk by Funked Up and heavy hard rock with us, Whipping Princess.
Come and explore yourself with us. Every time we play one of our songs we explore ourselves.

Our set list for tomorrow night.
Toxic Trace
Evil Mind
Black (Black, Black)!
Hello Hey, How Are You?
Save The Words You Need To Hear
Laughing At You
Child In Vain
Dr. Fakker
Endless Pain

Last gig was at the KGB, Stockholm, which was a damn good show. Now we want your help to surpass this. So come and shake the foundation with us and create an experience with us. We will charge as hell.

Last time @ Mässingshornet

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