29 oktober 2012

Let time fly

Now we approach Wednesday, 31 October, when we play at Café Barbro with The Driftwood Sign.

After a really fun weekend, we´re charging the batteries for the next battle. We licked our wounds after finding ourselves on a fun Halloween party after the gig at the Copenhagen Bar. We thank involved ones who helped us brighten the evening and night for us, you know who you are.

Now is the time for new uploads for the next gig. We'll run hard as hell so don´t miss to come to Café Barbro in Malmö October 31, we´re on stage at 19:00. Doors open at 18:00. It´s a picnic concert and you can take with you what you want to eat and drink. Superb opportunity for a super festive midweek to warm up before next weekend.
Thanks to Jimi at Arena MusikBand who is organizing a fun and inviting thing like this, which may weeks feel shorter.

Be there and shake the place with us!!!

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